Writing in Kind

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Writing on writing is one of the very alliterative things to do however, here I would like to ponder on our critique of writing. To personalize this a bit, I feel that these days I fall short of words and my skill has actually deteriorated with its word web constantly constricting. If nothing else, this has made me look at people differently. I actually feel respect for all those who still write, even if their work is average-ish; who have the courage to present their work as theirs and feel proud of it. Although there might be millions of people who mock them after and point out grammatical mistakes or spelling errors acting all cool showing that they know the language they are communicating in better than the writer. Earlier, I too laughed with them, and to be frank we all still do but besides mirth I also feel attracted to their pride with which they show case themselves before and in this at it arms world waiting to point out troubles. Of course there are people who wouldn’t always act as the error pointers however, the pressure of it, the inkling that there will be a couple of them with all their hashtags and sly remarks is always there.

So yes, I have elevated the tiny speck like issue as it may be for some to a big hot air balloon but then is it not better to be kind? Today, people are opinionated and decisive and like to make themselves heard and as amazing as this is for a country or even the world that the people are speaking out, it is not necessarily accompanied with kindness. Sometimes it seems there is a war of words that is ensuing, as if along with your ideas you are obliged to express in a form of language which is impressive.

But then, even that hardly matters. People will anyway find ways to mock the language used because if nothing else, lets tell him that his knowledge of the language is quite nearly next to zilch.

Kindness is the key for anything and everything. It, I feel, is the only thing that is empowering, not great ideas, not intellectualism, not passion but just calm, sweet support….

…..and, of course, self-improvement.



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