A Grumbling Saga

It seems so childish to think that one can actually garner something positive from a movie and then execute it in our lives. I am sure many will disagree and perhaps there will be tons of people who will vouch that they have turned their lives around by soaking in all the positives. Well, if not turned it around then surely steered it a bit better, that certain films and articles after all do make a dent in their lives, bringing forth positive change. It has truthfully not been so for me. For me my life is like a total accident or simply sitting in the car at a stasis.

I do get inspired and fired up whenever I see these beautiful miracles happening in the movies, being suggested in articles, even conveniently numbered and divided into steps by the author (Oh so thoughtful!) and yet, NOTHING! I mean there will be people explaining how they changed their lives but apart from getting a momentary fire in my eyes, I just roll into my pretty much uneventful static position where I continue to carry out my usual routine and still manage to crib about it. Perhaps I am simply a cribber. I am definitely a lazy person who has some weird “that’s my spot” syndrome with her bed however, not so much of a glint of hyper intelligence. *SIGHS*

But still, I think these inspirational movies and articles and even messages don’t really bring about a change and as I am typing this I am realizing how stupid it is of me to have taken up this topic because voila! I have solved the mystery. These inspirational moments are simply pushes that we need or can use when we actually get up to it and decide to alter something in our life. These act as the catalysis for the effort which we have to decide to make first. However, it seldom happens. I mean just look around; thousands of people come across such stuff and yet they lead their lives as it is/was. Probably they are all lackadaisical too, like me however, the thing that I am trying to drive at is that for many of us all these inspiring stories are like glimmers of hope that pass by like shooting stars or if they do land there is only destruction when it comes in touch with reality, of the fact that how tiring it is to change your ways, how terrible life can be sometimes, so rigid itself that your being flexible ceases to even matter.

For me the films are a way to live a life that perhaps I will never get to live in real. It is sad, isn’t it? So freaking sad. But how do I get to terms with the fact that I am never going to meet a helping hand, a life changing second, a bestie of all times, an epiphany at the right age that will make me not only work towards what I like but also excel in it. I mean how is it possible that every lead in the story is actually doing awesome in his/her field and then also has time to fall in love, take up various activities without worrying about the work at hand. I guess many would say that it is not that happy and lucky for all the film characters and that any way there is struggle. Also, our dark comedies and sad endings aren’t really in a tiny minority. But, I guess, I have never seen a character who is not that great, has nothing much eventful in his/her life and still gets by all happy and pleased with himself/herself as well the world around him/her. How do we do it?

I have friends living it up and everyone is always guiding but I don’t feel any of their advice leading up to happiness in truth. Of course, you have to work for it or perhaps you don’t need to at all. Perhaps it is all about cherishing the present but all I see is that we try to be positive and surround ourselves with it. I mean we are still trying, we haven’t reached there. We hope to reach there but nonetheless it is not even close by and we are just hoping, hoping for Godot to come. At least people here are happier than the duo in that play, at least they try to be, although our antics might seem quite similar to the two or rather, four, with someone else reading our play on Earth. It is interesting how all the genres discussed so far in human history seem to be running parallel- there is comedy, tragedy, dark humour, romance, violence, war, PTSD, sexual tensions, gender movements as well as absurdity. I say we have a whole movie running down here, perhaps always had; and probably someone else, somewhere else with the tickets to this show is wondering how beautifully we have figured it all out.


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