To A Friend

Camera360_2017_6_7_101051Forgive me and I know you will

But I might as well say how I feel


Forgive me if I fail to understand you today

You see some pages have fluttered away

I mean I do remember, how can I forget?

How we crossed seas and how we fret

Over things so simple and ruddy as well

How we waited and waited for the ringing of the bell

How we met in the corridors and watched the rain fall down

How we checked on each other and well sometimes missed the frown

Forgive me for that too, I know you already have

But I must say there is one thing I don’t understand

Distance is said to be a matter of the hearts

And yet sometimes it feels we are growing apart

I miss our talks and silence together

Even though I know it is time we weather

The time of passage and the passage of time

We deal with our separate worlds tonight

But I miss to have a shoulder to rest

My words today stay hidden in a chest

I hadn’t learnt to pour out sometime before

And now when I say by my side you are no more

I know you will be here when I call upon you

But those moments suppress themselves, they grow so few

Maybe I flail too much in the potion of the past

So forgive me if it has been too much I asked

I will tie my words, I will walk on

I will try my best to no longer stall


Forgive me and I know you will

But I had to say how I feel



In response to the DAILY PROMPT


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