Biting Hope

I aspire
And it is not one of great wonder
I aspire to be me someday
To accept myself even if the world doesn’t
Because the world will believe in me perhaps one day
But it is I who needs to pave the way


Don’t you  think I cannot see the irony
The mischief in the slightest of attempts
Snow-rolling my way but, I am still pacing
It is not easy to see when the world has several lenses
To see and judge; so, I crib and cry                                                                                                     I walk on the path I have already walked by


It is a blank
For me, for you, for us to fill
Paint a picture that you would like to see
It is the last strip of the last roll
Don’t let it go waste, find something new                                                                                         That something that expresses your being


I don’t wish to see the birds ascending, the trees wavering in the misty cold winds
I want to see your eyes speak, your mind illuminating the world after every blink


Do you see? Do you understand?
I don’t want you to be an under-study
Beneath these layers of cloth and epidermis is you
Naked as a babe, naked than a babe
See that and show it to the world, make it accept you
It is time that it has to


Don’t you think I don’t see the hypocrisy
Fighting tears, rolls of makeup, glue, hair, clothes, folds of skin
I see through it all; I wish to swim across it, don’t you?
Stop pacing in the box today, it is but you, in this film strip, on the screen
On the paper, in the sound, in the air and the realms
Feel it, breathe it, open your eyes and see it


You just might have saved yourself!


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