Words and Voices


‘You speak’

No, you speak

‘Well, you speak for yourself, you don’t for me’

You do the same but you just can’t see

‘Stand up for right, say the right words’

I am, if you listen, what else do you seek?

‘Well, these are not my words you speak’

What words are these? So uncommon to both

‘They string the same way, the intent not so much’

Speak for me too, raise your voice

‘You could do the same but you don’t see the choice’



Meanwhile the words just grumble, hating on both night and day

We would rather not belong with either, they say

They have reduced us to sounds that hold no meaning

Shrill now we sound, we see ourselves screaming

From one to another, a whisper sometimes

They don’t deserve us, they feign a life



Alas! we are victims of random verbosity

Played in a loop, day after another

Conversations extinct, a battle is furthered.



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